How it Works?

How does Utah Crit Series work?  It’s simple:
  1.  Purchase a season plate.  This number will attach to your bike and will be yours for the season.  This is your identifier and will tie you to your name and team.  High finishes score points for each.
  2. Race your bike.  Your first race is included with your plate purchase.  Each subsequent race is $10.  Everyone scores a participation point if you cross the finish line.  (If you drop out; no point so stick with it).  Starting with 14th place you start to earn more points.  These points will also go into your team pot so start recruiting now.
  3. Reap your rewards.  At the end of the season, Utah Crit Series will host a party in honor of our top finishers.  This is our time to celebrate you and we have a lot of fun.

*Points can be tracked on this website, and are updated weekly.

* You are allowed to move up categories.  Simply bring us your plate and we will exchange it at no charge.  You are not, however, allowed to move down categories.  Points do not move with you.  This would make the database explode.  Trust us, we’ve tried.

* You may race without a plate.  Your results will be posted at the event, but you will be riding anonymously, and no points will be rewarded.  The cost is $20/race.