Racer Categories

Class Description Categories Included
A’s You would be a Pro but we don’t have a category for that… you and the bike are ONE!
  • Men A, Women A
  • Men 35+ A
B’s You’ve done this for a while and you’re fast, but not PRO FAST!
  • Men B
  • Women  B
  • Master 35+ B
Open Usually grouped by age. This is a great way to improve your racing with both fast and slower racers. All classes are invited, but don’t be that guy – you know what we are saying!
  • Men 45+
  • Men 55+
  • Single Speed
  • Clydesdale
C’s You have that competitive spirit, you’ve been riding for a while, and this is not your first rodeo – this is your category.
  • Men C, Women C
  • Men 35+ C
Junior This is open to all skill levels but we try to group them by similar skills sets. Younger riders (10-11) can race in the 11-14 if they crave the challenge
  • Jr Men 11-14 and 15-18
  • Jr Women 11-15 and 15-18
Rookie It’s your first or second time, you’re working on your skills, or you want a good work out in the great outdoors that is giddy fun!
  • Rookie Women
  • Rookie Men
Kids This is all about FUN.  Shorten course. Everyone is on the podium. Mom/Dad are encouraged to ride with their kids.
  • Kiddie Cross
* NO WARMING UP ON COURSE DURING ANY RACE. **Season plate holders: you only need to sign a waiver on your first race. You MUST initial next to your name at the designated registration area for every subsequent race. Our insurance will no longer accept the online waiver/check in system. *** Absolutely no jumping in the race and “registering or signing your waiver” after the race. If your name is not on the Start list you will be pulled from the race. ****Pick your category wisely. The promoter reserves the right to upgrade at his discretion. (Sandbagging is not cool!). A dominating 5 minute gap Win over 2nd Place might be an indicator that you didn’t pick your Category wisely! We will be tracking lap times. (Example: Any C/Bs that are consistently putting in Top 10 A,s lap times will be asked to upgrade.) No points will be carried with you to your next category. But do not worry about that little detail. You just upgraded. Congratulations!